1.2.3…Tonic, Dia de Muertos, and Reflection

1. The mornings are darker now, colder. *Help* is needed to *warm* and waken my bones…



2. Halloween, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, Dia de Muertos- bittersweet days that blend festivity, nostalgia, remembrance and reflection. Every year on November 1st, I combine the elements of these days and arrange my evergrowing collection of obituaries, holy cards and written names of my deceased family, friends, and pets on a table. As I place each card on the table, I reflect on that soul’s unique qualities, and how they touched my life. Tears flow and smiles crack, and these loved ones are *resurrected* for me again. I light a candle and my *gratefulness* is released to them all. It’s a powerfully good thing indeed.—Georgia Vincent

When the festivity of Halloween ends, there's a reverent pause that settles in-All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day when we remember our departed loved ones.


3. *Colors muting*, light fades, November settles in…



Photos & text by  Georgia Vincent (c)

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