1.2.3…Walk, Discover, Beauty

Winter blahs and blues, hairy headlines, alarming, alternative facts–a brisk Walk in nature is medicine. Dressed for the damp January sting, off I go to the beautiful Bloedel Reserve to discover anything in the world of flora and fauna that is awake and encouraging. Turns out, Beauty abounds, even now, beneath the slate sky, among the Ents dressed in winter-green velvet, and under the molding umber of leaf mulch. Here, walking within the beating heart of Mother Earth lies truth. It CAN set you free. If only for awhile……Georgia Vincent

bloedel field .jpgbloedel path birches.jpgbloedel path birches geese.jpgbloedel goose.jpgbloedel first bench 3:4.jpgimg_1641bloedel-bench-big-composition







bloedel-cyclamenimg_1672bloedel-primrose-close-upbloedel raindrops.jpgbloedel-camelia-canopyimg_1644IMG_9349.jpgimg_0298

img_7294Photos By Georgia Vincent (c)

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